For us, the etiquette does not only imply the assimilation of good behaviour rules in society. After undertaking our programs, learners are more confident in them, develop their persuasion skills, discover in them the power to be leaders and a figure to follow in personal and business relationships.
Etiquette Academy courses are intended for groups, but can be also undertaken individually, offering absolute discretion regarding the identity of the clients.

Among the modules that will be covered during the programs
• good manners at the table• the art of being an impeccable host for private or public events• French vs English manners• social etiquette and the art of conversation• history of art and protocol in Europe and the UK• business protocol• the international diplomacy protocol

The courses for children and teenagers are among the most popular modules required by our clients. In our relationship with the young clientele, the goal is not for them to simply learn the rules and acknowledge the cultural information, what we actually want to achieve is for them to know HOW to use this knowledge in their everyday life. Our young clients learn among others, how to improve their social skills, how to master their emotions, how to make friends and how to make a good impression in the society.
A special course, ran individually, is dedicated to the young ladies (12-16 years old) and at the end of it, they can easily cope with the norms of social behaviour imposed on the European royal families.
Isabel Buganu, the founder of the Etiquette Academy, is a communication specialist with over 15 years of experience in the field of public relations and media.
She began her career in radio and television, and then built a strong reputation in public relations.
Isabel was also one of the founders of the Think PR communication agency. Together with her colleagues, she has developed communication campaigns for well-known international brands like L'Oréal Paris, BMW, GlaxoSmithKline and Vertu.
With a portfolio of clients from around the world, Isabel has perfected her knowledge and skills in the field of international protocol and business etiquette rules and also what we could call “savoir vivre”.
She has hosted dozens of corporate events and glamorous parties, with international guests and specific etiquette rules.
Isabel offered image consultancy for both, renowned brands and business people, who wanted to refine their social skills and implicitly enhance their business success.
After expanding her business in London by investing in a beauty franchise, Isabel studied etiquette rules in the heart of a beautiful city, famous for its passion for protocol and high manners in society.
The Etiquette Academy has its official headquarters in Luxembourg, a city well known for its refinement and cosmopolitan atmosphere. The Academy also holds sessions in London and Eastern Europe (Bucharest).